The Reciprocating Self

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

We need a change in mindset even within the evangelical church:

“In addition to perpetuating empty self, modern philosophies’ view of the human condition is the second factor contributing to the developmental dilemma. This empty self is a product of the modern project – the pursuit of truth, universals, freedom and control. The modern project has become the modern predicament, resulting in an era of fragmented, lonely, isolated people. One of the main moves of modernity has been to displace God from the transcendent to the immanent sphere, shifting the locus of the divine from a God who is Other to impersonal forces within the human mind and will – into human subjectivity” (Bailiwick, King & Reimer, 2016, pp. 20-21).

For more information, click here: Worth the Read – The Reciprocating Self

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